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Kantar Insights Division
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Top Mauritian Brands 2019

Mauritian top brands 2019
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Media 2019 – Tendances et Chiffres Cles

Media 2019 tendances et chiffres cles maurice
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Africa Life

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CX Award 2019

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With over 24 years of experience, and backed by the powerful international network of Kantar, we conduct market research studies in the Indian Ocean and in other countries where you seek to extend your business activities.



We are also specialists in understanding human growth. Our portfolio of services and solutions includes insights on consumers, shoppers, channel and retailers, the development of growth strategies, and in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies.



Kantar maintains a close relationship with consumers, and develops expert knowledge on their attitude and behaviour. This is achieved through cultural, geographical and economic diversity considerations. Our reports, analysis and studies are easily accessible to all market actors.

Consumer Insights

We identify, size and understand different segments of your market through the use of the triangulation methodology: socio demographic and psychographic analysis, as well as lifestyle and trends analysis.


Retail and Shopper

We identify distribution channels, the performance of categories and brands, as well as  the purchasing process, to develop successful retail strategies.


Communication & Digital

We analyse the performance of each media and non-media channel to design an optimal media mix. This allows you to have an impactful communication with your target.


Media Plan

Our media plan is an online platform that allows you to optimise your communication strategies. It is backed by an on-going study of media audiences (offline and online), and of channel visibility. To help you plan your strategy, and to optimise advertising costs, the online platform includes a media planning tool, allowing you to choose the appropriate media channel based on your target audience.

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Audience Tracker

Based on audience research, our interactive tracker gives advertisers and communication agencies a deeper understanding of the audience, in order to optimise their media strategies.

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