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Bringing reliable knowledge, directions and insights for your business decisions and growth


Your Innovative Partner

Kantar Indian Ocean is a leader in market research and insights with over two decades of experience in the area. We carry out studies to gather information on your brand, your products and your consumers to help you meet your local or regional business objectives with greater confidence. But we do not just stop there. Our team applies the gathered data to provide intelligent recommendations and innovative strategies to help you grow. Our market consulting experts accompany you throughout the process for a smooth experience.


27% of Mauritians are from Gen Y

70% of Millennials have a smartphone


Our team gathers data and carries out studies to bring you reliable insights all year round. Our on-demand solutions consist of ready-made reports and studies that are immediately available to allow you to make faster business decisions with greater confidence.

Consumer Insights

We identify, size and understand different segments of your market through the use of the triangulation methodology: socio demographic and psychographic analysis, as well as lifestyle and trends analysis.

retail and shower medium

Retail and Shopper

We identify distribution channels, the performance of categories and brands, as well as the purchasing process, to develop successful retail strategies.

Communication & Digital

We analyse the performance of each media and non-media channel to design an optimal media mix. This allows you to have an impactful communication with your target.

Media Plan Optimiser

Our media plan is an online platform that allows you to optimise your communication strategies. It is backed by an on-going study of media audiences (offline and online), and of channel visibility. To help you plan your strategy, and to optimise advertising costs, the online platform includes a media planning tool, allowing you to choose the appropriate media channel based on your target audience.

Audience Tracker

Based on audience research, our interactive tracker gives advertisers and communication agencies a deeper understanding of the audience, in order to optimise their media strategies.

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