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Let’s give the rightful place to our younger generations

Building brand awareness and interacting successfully with consumers are crucial for doing business. Our team of young Mauritian marketers focused on outlining the major trends for you to integrate promptly in your coming strategies. The young marketers attended the Design Indaba Festival 2019, the largest design conference in the world, hosted this year in Cape Town, South Africa, where they had the chance to watch 53 fantastic speakers.

From what they have gathered, it is time to give its rightful place to the younger generation. We should open our minds. We should have more interest and respect for design and culture. We should be inspired by Mauritius to create things which correspond and talk to Mauritians. Because we need to find ourselves. We need to be valued. We are living in an era where design and creativity contribute to a better society. Design is ubiquitous… It is hence time for a complete change of course!

This article has been written by the students of the Executive Master of Marketing delivered by Paris-Dauphine University in collaboration with the Analysis Institute of Management (AIM). All students participated in the writing of this article, where they shared their experience and their views on what can be applied in our marketing strategies. The participants are all professionals working in various sectors: property development, construction, automotive, retail, banking, packaging, etc.

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