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APOLLO « Sa mine nou pays sa »,
Local preferred brand of Mauritians since 2 years!

Since the past 3 years, Kantar conducts the Top Brand study, where results are revealed during the Brand Magic Summit.

The objective of the research study is to reveal the local preferred brands of Mauritians.

This study was conducted face-to-face with a representative sample of the Mauritian population over 15 years old,
1000 respondents has been interviewed during the months of March and April 2018. The questions asked in Creole is « Ki ou marque mauricien préférée? ».
It was open-ended answers which were collected and coded.

The non-mauritian brands mentioned have not been included in the Mauritius Top Brand ranking.


In 2016, the iconic beer, Phoenix was in first place, being the preferred brand of 2 out of 10 Mauritians

Since 2 years, Phoenix has left this place envied by the famous brand of local noodles, « Apollo ». The brand innovations such as “Mine dans bol” and its original communication campaigns have paid off.

19% of the Mauritians interviewed were not able to quote which Mauritian brand they preferred

It is also noted that the preference rate is decreasing since Apollo is the preferred local brand of 14% of Mauritians while Phoenix is in the second place with 11% of preference, finally Sunny has also been on the podium since 2016 with a preference rate of 8% in 2018.

Therefore, we can assume that the openness and preference to international brands are growing over the years.

Moreover, international brands like Yoplait or Coca-Cola has been mentioned in the top 10 preferred local brands.

The particularity of preferred local brands of Mauritians is that they belong for most part to the agri-food sector

Only Body&Soul, Island Haze and the MCB enters the Top 10.

Body & Soul is in the Top 10 since 3 years. This year, the brand stands out as the third favourite brand of the youngest (generation Z) while Island Haze made an outstanding entry in the forth place.

A great success for these local textile brands that have seduced the younger generation, waiting for products which match their identity and express their personality.

Since 2 years, the first Mauritian bank continued to climb the ladder, confirming its local leadership.

If Mauritians are fans of Apollo, it is firstly for its taste, accessibility and availability.

It is mainly younger generations like millennials and centennials who prefer it, as 70% of its fans represents the less than 39 years old.

It is also more preferred by women from middle and upper socio-professional category, certainly for its convenience and rapidity.

Phoenix Beer is preferred for its freshness, taste and availability.

Not surprisingly that 8 out of the 10 fans of Phoenix are men.
An obvious promixity particularly for men.
Nearly half of the Phoenix Beer fans are between 40 to 54 years old and only 6% are GenZ.
When Sunny is preferred, it is for its taste, quality, availability and accessibility that make it a key part of the Mauritian basket.
It is more often men from upper socio-professional category who are attached to Sunny brand.

This analysis by generation and by gender highlights obvious distinction and greater consensus among the younger

It is almost 4 out of 10 centennials (gen Z < 24 years old) who agree on the preference of Apollo while it is only 14% at the national level.
This indicates a greater proximity, a knowledge and a more important commitment among young people. The consequences of a society that advocates consumption and fast food.

Preferred brands according to target

TOP 11-20 PREFERRED LOCAL BRANDS 2018 (runners up)

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